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Sisterhood of the Elephant Ornament-Best Friends, Matriarch, Women Empowerment

Sisterhood of the Elephant Ornament-Best Friends, Matriarch, Women Empowerment

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The perfect gift for all of the special women in your life. This meaningful ornament features the following:

*Laser cut from beautiful maple wood
*Natural cotton cord tie
*Measures approx 4.8” wide by 3.8” tall
*Comes with the “Sisterhood of the Elephant” story card
*Fast turn around time from order to ship date
*Designed and made in Utah, USA
*Free shipping in shop orders over $35

Meaning of the sisterhood of the elephant:
Female elephants for deep, lifelong bonds, creating a powerful social structure known as matriarchy. They surround themselves with “girlfriends”- fellow female elephants that they can rely on, particularly when resources are scarce. They cooperate in raising young, offering collective protection, and nurturing. They continuously protect one another from predators, and stay close and surround those who are vulnerable when danger is close. This remarkable sisterhood ensures the survival and well-being of future generations, showcasing the incredible strength and social complexity of these magnificent creatures.

By comparison, our sisterhood is much like that of the elephant. We rally around each other - especially when times are tough - and remain closely bonded whether we are near or far. Always remember that you are my sister elephant. We will always be there for each other.

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